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The James C. Binnicker Chapter

We advocate improved quality of life and economic fairness that will support the well-being of all military personnel and their families.

Dragon Slayers at a Glance

A Bit of Background

Dragon Slayers…do you know you are to be identified with that title?  Think Greek Mythology…of Apollo, Cadmus, Jason, Perseus, and Heracles.  John Mancini wrote this concerning slaying dragons, “Of course we can never be certain, but it could be seen as a symbolic act of taming the wild, the natural, the demonic.  Living in water but breathing fire, with the ability to swim as well as fly, the dragon embodies all the natural forces the ancients would have feared.  Slaying them, meant slaying fear itself.”  That’s what we do…we slay whatever gets in the way of quality of life and we should never hesitate to do that for fear of engaging in that battle.  If we don’t fight intently for quality of life wherever it may take us, we are missing the point of being a part of AFSA.  Life is about sharing moments with people that we connect with on our journey and it becomes quality when we do that well.  We all have a common journey that involves honoring freedom. It is about us staying rooted in demonstrating and communicating that purpose is the key to more people wanting to join us in this fight…

Our Four Chapter Priorities


Creative Vigor

Constant Force for Change

Imagination and original ideas are both essential to be at work within our chapter as it is life-giving to all those we serve.

Dedicated Accountability

Value Realized Increases Reliability

Everyone matters as we rely on each other's added value to be there when needed--and this is how the synergy of the team remains at its peak.


Word of Mouth Recruiting

Personal Outreach

Connections are the entryway into the influence that we build with people as they trust us enough to follow us to a destination although success is not guaranteed.

Legislative Appeal

Many Laws...One Aim

Quality of life has always come through the laws that we have fought to enhance for several dedicates with a sense of urgency towards those who make policy on capitol hill.


"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country. "

President Kennedy's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

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